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Wilderness Sleeping, How Comfortable Can One Be?

Wilderness sleeping or just a backyard camp out with the family, I want to be as comfortable as possible. Can I take my double bed complete with memory foam pad? Afraid not! Okay, when I’m cranky and crabbing tomorrow just remember this was your idea.

A good sleeping bag should be comfy and protect you from cold or you might wish you had just stayed home or hadn’t locked yourself out of the house. Backyard again! Garage open? Great I want the goose down filled sleeping bag you had it the last time.

Going backpacking, camping or hunting the nights tend to get cold. Is there a chance of rain, not according to the weather report? We all know how accurate the weatherman can be. If reports are clear you can bet it will rain.

To enjoy an outdoor rest you need to keep warm and dry in bad weather as well as summertime nights. Backyard, wilderness camping or hunting in summer AKSOUL sleeping pad can be very enjoyable but the nights can get pretty chilly and a warm cozy sleeping bag is necessary. Sleeping bags come in various styles and price ranges. The cheapest is not always best. Mummy bags, with their narrow fit, are the warmest since there is less space for your body to heat up. Mummy bags also have insulated hoods that you can snug around your head to conserve heat. They weigh less, pack up smaller, and are the best choice for backpackers, climbers, and mountaineers. If you are an active and/or claustrophobic sleeper you may feel confined by a mummy bags tighter fit.

Do you like a roomier bag? Then a rectangular bag is the answer. Rectangular bags are much roomier, weigh the most, and are well-matched for warm weather because they don’t maintain heat as well as mummy bags. Rectangular bags are a good alternative for warm-weather car/truck camping trips and other outings where weight and warmth aren’t a concern. Then again, there are some cold and very cold weather rectangular sleeping bags available as you search the internet or area sporting goods store. Take your time searching for the sleeping bag that you believe will give you the comfort of home. What is the filling in this bag? Goose down is the best for any type of weather. How far can the temperature drop before I freeze to death? Forty below, sold.

Going to camp in the car or truck, well then size and weight needn’t be a main issue. A light weight sleeping bag and possibly a mattress pad for the bed of the truck will make you comfortable. Ground sleeping with a mattress pad or ground pad will improve the temperature and help keep you warmer. With a mattress pad or a sleeping bag pad between you and the ground you might just believe your sleeping in your own bed at home. The sleeping bag pad will provide more insulation, cushion the ground and decrease heat loss. Mummy bags or rectangular sleeping bags with a sleeping pad or air mattress will assure you of a very happy ending to your outdoor living experience. Sweet dreams, happy camping, hunting, and outdoor living whenever or wherever you come to rest.


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