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The Advantages Of A Custom Golf Club Set

Are you considering a new set of golf clubs for this year’s up and coming golf season? Have you thought about having a set of golf clubs built to fit you? What are the advantages of a custom golf club set over a store bought off the shelves set of golf clubs?

Custom golf clubs are great for any golfer that Vclubshop is looking for the optimum performance from his or her game. They are measured and fit to the specifications that you need for your personal game. There are a few things that you should know before buying a set of custom built golf clubs.

You should know that if you are just a beginner or a high handicap golfer, then a custom built set of golf clubs is not a good investment for you. Your money is better spent on lessons so that you can improve your swing. There is nothing that a custom built set of golf clubs will do for many golfers with a handicap of 20 or higher.

Yes, they will look nice and be consistent, but the golf club that you swing will not matter until you become consistent with your specific Vclubshop golf swing. The most important thing about a golf club is that you feel comfortable swinging it and you have confidence in the club in your hand. It does not matter if the club is old, rusted, or does not match the others in your bag, as long as you have confidence in your clubs.

Now if you are better than a 20 handicap and are considering a custom built set of golf clubs, then you need to make sure your builder makes sure to check the loft, lie, flex, length, and type of club that they are building for you. They need to check and make sure that the clubs they are building fit your swing. You can have draw or slice built into your clubs, but this is not recommended because it will cause you to have to change your swing to compensate for the draw or slice that is built into the clubs.

You will also need to know which 14 clubs you want to carry. By USGA rules you can carry any 14 clubs you want so make sure you carry what you need since these are your tools. You will, obviously need a putter; most will carry a driver, 3 wood, and 5 wood. So that Vclubshop leaves you with 10 clubs to choose from. Most will carry a 3 iron through 9 iron leaving you with room for 3 wedges or a combination of a couple wedges and a 2 iron or a a utility club. This is all up to you and you should carry the clubs that you are most comfortable with.

So if you are looking for a custom golf club set, then know that the advantages of a custom golf club set are more geared towards the better golfer and you are not going to drop your handicap by many strokes just by changing to a custom built set of clubs.


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