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Samsung UN46C7000 3D LED HDTV

If you are looking to buy an LCD HDTV with amazing 3D technology, the Samsung UN46C7000 is an excellent choice. Samsung’s latest television model creates a completely new level of home entertainment that, with the use of 3D glasses and 3D technology, can allow you to watch extremely life-like images in your own home. The depth of the colors and images are so clear and realistic, it turns movie night into an amazing 3D experience, bringing you right into the action of the film. When you purchase the Samsung UN46C7000, you will need to purchase the 3D glasses separately, however it is totally daily wire on samsung tv worth the added cost for what you will get in return.

Samsung has figured out how to generate images that give the illusion of a three dimensional viewing experience using only two dimensional images. All you need to do is put on the 3D glasses and your television will turn into an amazing 3D viewing experience. All of your television shows and movies will look even bigger and better on Samsung’s 45.9 inch widescreen display. So many amazing technologies are somehow inside this incredibly thin LCD HTDV, as the Samsung UN46C7000 boasts a remarkable HD viewing experience, includes the vivid Touch of Color enhancements as well as a host of other extremely advanced high-tech features and enhancements all within an aesthetically pleasing framework.

The tuners included in the Samsung UN46C7000 feature HDTV programming and even a QAM tuner to allow cable unscrambling. The LED backlight technologies employed in this model help to sharpen colors and contrasts, and with a super fast 240Hz refresh rate that prevents motion blurring, every entertainment experience will be enhanced like never before. The Samsung UN46C7000 is Internet-ready so you can go online in just a few clicks, and even watch movies over your connection if you subscribe for a Netflix account, all in a dynamic 6-million-to-one contrast ratio. Via your Internet connection, you can also take advantage of free phone calls using Skype, and can make a connection to your personal computer using AllShare, which is compatible with the various Microsoft Windows operating systems.

In addition to a great picture and all of these amazing features, you can expect to experience a fantastic sound system with the UN46C7000’s two 10-watt speakers which are located internally in the bottom edge of the television. The remote control that comes with this television set can be operated easily from greater distances than earlier models. This LCD HDTV will help you to save energy and money on your electric bill, costing only about $1.70 each month to operate this full-featured Energy Star certified television set. Incredibly efficient, the UN46C7000 only uses 92.10 watts of energy when it is in use and only uses.05 watts of energy on standby mode.

Meant to be a integral part of your home entertainment system, the UN46C7000 includes six different AV inputs including a input for your personal computer, an RF input, two USB ports to connect peripherals and of course, HDMI inputs. The Samsung UN46C7000 is also very versatile, allowing you to either display it on a television stand, using the included swiveling base, or you can choose to mount it on a wall with secure brackets which are available separately. You will be blown away with the 1920×1080 pixel screen resolution, 16:9 aspect ratio, LED backlighting technologies, NTSC tuner, 1080p output ad over the air tuner inclusions – this television truly has everything today’s technology can offer. Get everything you need in the amazing all-in-one UN46C7000 television from Samsung and get one of the best television experiences in your life.

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