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Pen Drive – An Electronic Escort

Pen drive is a portable electronic data recovery device, featured with huge memory capacity enabling to store more than compact discs. While compact discs collect data and restores it in a hard drive, this same work can be escorts in islamabad done more efficiently using a pen drive, which in comparison stores much more data. Storing spreadsheets, music, films and word documents in it is an effortless task. Pen drive has multitudes of advantages. It is compact in size and hence is easily portable, making it convenient to be carried in one`s pocket. On the other hand, the compact discs are larger and brittle demanding cautious handling. Pen drive is also sturdy erasing the rule of breaking, unless an immense weight is exerted on it.

Pen drive is a simple device that is featured with USB connector and is inserted to the computer USB port. It helps in transporting the files in a jiff. This light weight device is convenient to carry and the installation as well as the loading time is much lesser than any other compact discs. The sensitivity is better in pen drive and the user faces no operation hurdles. It does not entail special care or maintenance problems, while CDs need perfect preservation. Subsequently, it is more durable and can be transported reliably. Majority of computers come with USB port and having a pen drive is of great convenience.

It is available at very affordable prices, which makes storing your valuable data and transporting it at minimal cost. Above all, being a strong format and mechanically indestructible makes it highly popular. There are many brands available: Transcend, Sony, Sandisk and Moser Baer are some of the popular ones. Also it is available in interesting shapes. In fact, the manufacturer Digix has come with a model that is identical to the shape of a pen and can be employed at one end for writing and the other end for connecting to the USB port. Sony products are well designed too and can be used conveniently. Some models come with an in built password for security reasons.

Transferring data from or to pen drive is super fast and requires no back up of batteries. Its tiny size and portable features has captivated many users, as it widely used by business men, film stars, engineers, doctors, students, journalists, and many more. The memory space ranges from 16MB to 64 GB. The effective use of this thumb sized device is that it can be easily written and rewritten any number of times identical to a hard disk.

Pen drive is considered to be an escort as it does not require any special cable, power or reader. The data transfer is fast and the memory is many times that of a CD. Today, the device is a significant peripheral of computers and may also come with nice features such as MP3, WMV, WMA and blue tooth device. Pen drives are a permutation of old inexpensive and new microprocessor technology and hence makes an appropriate gift for all.


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