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How to Design A SEO Ready On-Page Structure User friendly Website

The link keywords should match with your page title and content description. Always check to see if your pages have any outdated internal links or backlinks noxtools that connect to spamming websites, blogs or forums. This would cause your site to receive some SEO score penalties.

You can improve the keywords on your site pages by using the Google Keywords Planner or another keyword research tool to conduct a market research, which will target your customers’ keyword input terms and identify the keywords with the most search volume that are missing from your pages. You are an author with a great book. Now what? First of all, you should treat your book and your writing career as a business, an online business, where the most successful businesses are located these days because the Internet provides a free platform and free resources to authors.

As an author, you should be on a constant search for ways to promote your book and find new ways to use technology to increase your public profile and income. What better way to promote your work, create a public profile and increase your income than to write a series of Internet press releases and articles to use as promotions? The internet has changed the writing game and shortened the distance between writers, if you can afford to hire a press agent (which I cannot) to create and write your media campaign, or if you are willing to develop the skills to write news items about your own projects (which you can).

This may sound daunting but, if you are a writer already, producing your own written materials should not be such a stretch for you. Writing Internet press releases and articles will require you to learn a few new skills, which you may not have needed for writing print press releases. There are many resources to be found in a simple web search that can guide you in the direction of becoming proficient in writing Internet press releases, which differ from print press releases, in that, for the internet, news items need to attract search engines to the materials posted on your websites, Blogs, social media networks and online news distribution services.

Search engine optimization (SEO) tools, keywords and keyword phrases change constantly with the changes in popular trends. As searches become more refined and specialized, keyword search tools must respond and we must also respond with the anticipation of shifts in market language. When submitting press releases to online distributors, take a look at their title suggestions for your topic. Most services have developed SEO tools of some sort that are designed to help you optimize your press releases and articles for their purposes. Be sure to investigate what they have to offer and use their handy suggestions to show you what the distributor considers to be successful for the topic you are covering.

Today, immediacy and information updating are the rule because of the growing significance of Blogs, social media, Internet communities, collaborative platforms and web mobility. Technologies such as mobile and smart phones and online book readers increase our need to adapt SEO strategies, in order to survive in the SEO game. However, don’t forget that you are ultimately writing for human beings, so the words you chose must also make sense to human beings who are searching the web for information. Understanding the relationship between human readers and search engines will help you produce press releases that create a strategy to get you and your products in front of a target audience. Once you get the attention of the target audience, send them to your blog or website to learn more about you and your books and services. Once there, you must convince you visitors to take an action:

Your success in the area of action you want the visitors to take will depend upon the appeal of your site and the ease with which your visitors are able to move around your site and to make a book purchase or inquiry for your services. Approach Internet press releases the same way you approach traditional hardcopy press releases, with the difference coming in the form of search engine awareness. In our quest to satisfy the search engines, we cannot afford to forget important basic information. Sunny Nash, author of the family memoir, Bigmama Didn’t Shop At Woolworth’s, has contributed to the African american National Biography by Harvard and Oxford; African american West, A century of Short Stories; Reflections in Black, A history of Black Photography 1840 – Present; Ancestry Magazine; Companion to Southern Literature; Black Genesis; African american Foodways; Southwestern American Literature Journal and other anthologies. Nash is listed in references: The source: a guidebook to American genealogy; Bibliographic Guide to Black Studies; Interdisciplinary Journal for Germanic Linguistics; Ebony Magazine; Southern Exposure; Hidden Sources: Family history in Unlikely Places; and others.


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