Free Horse Racing Tip for Today

Here is my free horse racing tip for today. First, it is better that you use only the spare money in the races. Racing is a speculative business, in case of losing in any of the races, you can lose all your money.

Anyway my free horse racing tip for today is datos de carrera Americana the Assassin Method, which uses elimination as the basis of deducing a winner in each race. All the systems use a certain basis on which they decide which horse to choose and which one to eliminate, similarly this system too uses ‘The Racing Post’ as its basis.

To apply my free horse racing tip for today the initial elimination should be done this way:

Only those races which have a speed rating and less that twelve or twelve horses should be included;
All those horses, which do not have a speed rating should not be included, similarly in case a race has a quarter or more horses without speed rating should be included too;
You should include the horses with top ratings in these races, in your list, in case a race has more than one top racer, you should not include the race in your list based on my free horse racing tip for today.

This elimination in my free horse racing tip for today will give you a list of horses, which you should bet upon. You should start eliminating following type of horses from your list;
All those horses, whose rivals do not have any form behind them;
All those horses which have not been here for a long time, i.e. those horses which have come back after a long break, or the ones which are here only during this season and not for a long time won’t do for my free horse racing tip for today.
All those horses, which have not been placed in at least two of the three races that they have participated in won’t do either to use my free horse racing tip for today.
Last, all those horses that have never run for the distance this race is being played for will qualify to use my free horse racing tip for today

You should bet on all or any of the remaining horses. All the survivors or elimination are most likely to win the race. This free horse racing tip for today is a bit more complicated than usual. More often than not, this elimination will not have any horses eligible for betting on, in that case if you want to bet you can use another system for deduction. Or else there are more races with better horses and standards where you can surely bet and and use my free horse racing tip for today to earn money.

Some of my free horse racing tips for today will be a bit complicated for beginners, but it is most likely method to help you win surely at the races. The entirely speculative nature of the races makes it difficult to be sure about the results of the races. So you can always hope that the horse you have bet upon using the free horse racing tip for today wins. Otherwise to ensure that you will surely win at the races come what may, you can lay your bet on more than one horses so that whichever wins also makes you the winner. This was my first free horse racing tip for today.

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