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They are fairly affordable and these chips resemble children’s toys. Because of this, they lack the authentic casino chip feel. Poker chips used to be composed of clay rather than these cheap plastic chips. They gave me a lot better feeling in the past. Modern chips, however, are not formed of clay to buy poker products online india instead, they employ a different substance that closely resembles the texture and feel of those kinds of chips.

These chips are one point ahead of the synthetic ones, having a greater quality, more durability, and a cleaner surface. If you are the host of any poker event, these are more expensive but provide a better opportunity to stand out. In addition to composite and ceramic chips, we also offer metal chips with a distinctive design for a poker setting. They once came in a variety of pricey metals, including silver, gold, and others.  It is accurate that Poker chips were not created with the intention of using them as such.

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The poker games played now at homes and in casinos are significantly different from those played by our ancestors, who loved the game. Even the creation of poker chips was delayed until the eighteenth century. Undoubtedly, some kind of regularity was needed. As a result, saloons and casinos that held poker tournaments came up with their own traditional substitutes, including ivory, bones, and clay.

Gambling establishments started to stamp those pieces of ivory, bones, and clay with distinctive markings and features because of how simple it was to create these “standards.” It is advised to have about 500 poker chips when you are the host of a poker tournament with 10 to 12 players. Additionally, there must be at least 1000 chips if there are approximately 30 players. It is advised that you use a limited palette of colors. There ought to be four to five fundamental hues.

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In this manner, they may easily be taken around the casino and bet on a variety of various games. When it’s time to withdraw money, they can be immediately converted back into their equivalent in cash.  In contrast, tournament chips are only valid for the tournament for which they were made and have no equivalent financial value. Due to the fact that this does not equate to hundreds of millions of cash, players at the World Series of Poker final table can be seen betting hundreds of millions of chips.

A clay composite is the most typical substance used to create modern poker chips. The majority of professionals to buy custom poker chips and use clay chips because they have a uniform weight, a nice feel, and are incredibly durable. Despite having a very premium feel and being constructed entirely of ceramic, ceramic poker chips are far more delicate and prone to breaking than the alternatives.

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The cheapest form of chips is plastic, which is frequently used in recreational games at homes and at nearby clubs. It’s not the most luxurious experience, but they can feel extremely cheap and tacky. Nevertheless, they are reliable and effective. Regardless of the material you choose, if you take good care of them, keep them clean, and store them properly when not in use, you can ensure that they last a lot longer. Anyone who takes playing poker seriously understands how crucial it is to have high-quality poker chips.


They can have an impact on how you feel while playing, how people connect with one another, and how the players perceive the venue.  You might be debating between buying a cheap or pricey poker set if you’re seeking the ideal one for your home game. Both have advantages, so it truly depends on what you’re after. If you’re on a tight budget, cheap poker chips are fantastic, but they’re usually of poorer quality and durability.

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